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Central Buildings of Obidos Tech Park

The set of two buildings of similar dimensions creates a singular alignment to the view of the valley runs as a image landscape. Throughout the path that ends in the exterior amphitheater the user can recognize some empty spaces n the façade that are used as patios. This patios dematerialize the building and generate natural ventilation.

The western and eastern patios of building 1 and 2 are the primary entrance of the building establishing a connection with the square that is the most important public place of the intervention.

The exterior amphitheater is designed for an informal use everyday, but can also be a place of events. Its relates to the end of the square as a viewing platform creating the sence os limit.

Architecture: Jorge Sousa Santos, Mariana Sá, Ismael Prata, Pedro Sequeira, Filipe Paixão, Ricardo Ribeiro.
Client: CMO.
Project: 2011 Contest.
Site: Óbidos.

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