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Graça Optical Store

The main objective of this project is focused in the creation of a deep sense of spatial unity. This unity was achieved using a layer of MDF slabs of variable stereotomy. This stereotomy heps the user to perceive the store as a whole surface creating a notion of unity. The floor made of white terraza is a big reflector of light expanding it trough the whole area. The space of the working lab and the working units are the only different elements of the design system. The working lab is created as a big glass receptacle, its immateriality provides a dialogue between the black dense MDF layer. The eyewear exhibition units were designed to provide the maximum quantity and at the same time to create a notion of continuous surface. The exhibition elements are formed as an honeycomb made by a single acrylic slab that repeting itself in different positions creates a surface that is complex and unique.

Architecture: Jorge Sousa Santos, Bruno Ferraz, Sofia Oliveira.
Client: Manuel e Valter Penedo
Date: December 2007.
Site: Lisbon.

Rua Alexandre Oneil nº3, 1º Dtº
1300-031 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel | Fax +351 210 198 600