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Foz Côa

The landscape is the motor of this design scheme.

This exceptional environment where the river Douro and Coa cross each other creates a place of strong character. This place by itself is the reason of the existence of the Paleolithic rupestrian Foz Coa drawings.

Part of building is carved in the terrain; part creates a wedge that directs the exhibition to the visual experience of the valley reconnecting the reproductions of the drawings with their originals.

Architecture: Jorge Sousa Santos, Mário Crespo, Eliana Sousa Santos.
Museology: Met Studio. consultoria.

Marketing: Artevisão.
Client: Consurso público para a elaboração do projecto do museu de arte e arqueologia do Vale do Côa.
Date: March of 2004.
Site: Foz Côa museu de arte e arqueologia do Vale do Côa.

Rua Alexandre Oneil nº3, 1º Dtº
1300-031 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel | Fax +351 210 198 600