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Y house

This house is a vision device. A system that rules the way the inhabitant sees the outside world and simultaneously frames the way the outside sees the dwellers. The design of this object was focused on this theme. The big curved window is this statement vortex, it creates a visual path that, like a camera traveling, reveal the image of the landscape.

The programmatic development of the house reflects the classic bourgeois organization promoting the clear division of rest areas leisure areas and work areas. This division creates tree limbs that are united by this design morphing that develop the two big windows of the living room.

The idea of landscape as an image and its importance in the domestic living were the main design focus of this scheme.

Architecture: Jorge Sousa Santos.
Client: Dr. Telmo Faria.
Project: 2003.
Construction: 2004/2005.
Site: Arelho, Óbidos. Habitação unifamiliar, arelho óbidos.
Prizes: Bienal Ibero Americana 2008 – Prémio Jovem Autor – Nominated for the Young author award of the IberoAmericana biennale and for the best private building of the Construir Magazine. Shortlisted for Building of the Year Archidaily 2010 – Houses.

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