Casa I

i house

The house is developed along the site, a thin parcel of terrain not far from the ocean. The client wanted a small inexpensive house that could be transformed spatially. We decided to create a metal skin that could be subtracted creating three courtyards to increase the amount of parietal lightening in the interior.

The west courtyard is related to the hybrid space that could be used in three ways: as a supplement of the living room; as a library/working space and as a library/working space plus an extra room. This is achieved trough the use of moving walls and shelves that intertwine with the courtyards.

Architecture: Jorge Sousa Santos, Bruno Ferraz.
Client: João Gaspar.
Date: January 2007.
Site: Caldas da Rainha.

Rua Alexandre Oneil nº3, 1º Dtº
1300-031 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel | Fax +351 210 198 600