Escola Secundária Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro

Casa bs

Six houses in Bom Sucesso Design Resort, Óbidos, Portugal.

The house was designed to establish the strong connections with the near landscape, i.e. the garden. The house creates an intense dialogue with the most interesting views maintaining the domestic needed privacy due to its morphology and its position on the parcel. The house contain three porches that establish themselves as connectors of the different parts of the house. The design promotes a direct connection with the exterior, an essential quality in this kind of leisure house.

Architecture: Jorge Sousa Santos, Bruno Ferraz, Sofia Oliveira.
Client: Acordo Óbidos.
Date: July 2007.
Site: Bom Sucesso.

Rua Alexandre Oneil nº3, 1º Dtº
1300-031 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel | Fax +351 210 198 600